A story of images

Bunbury Photographer

Meet Anne

Image by Kent Pilcher

Business owner, design diploma graduate and a multi-creative.

I am creating an opportunity to reconnect personally with my love and passion, something that holds so many cherished memories, photography.    

Being able to give my passion for taking photos to my son, has driven me to succeed.  Watching him look at a scene and work out the best angle and light direction, gives me joy. 

But this is about you so how can I touch your soul?  By capturing that moment when you'r not thinking,  your conscious awareness has been completely taken over by that spontaneous reaction.  

Meeting me wont involve just the usual smiling photos because I take time, endevouring to capture your essence. The very sole of you.  Creative, unique, stylish and elegant are some of the words my clients use to describe their end product. 

And THAT is what I want to give to you. 


The difference in my perspective has led my photography to win local awards in the South West, and be exhibited in the WA Maritime Museum. I have also been a finalist in the My Country Awards.


Contact me today if you're ready to have your joy captured forever in creatively stunning, high resolution photographs.