Who Takes the Photos ? 

How manipulated are the images ?

What camera do you use? 

Do you take portrait  photos ?

Can my business engage your services?





But I want photos of my family?





How do I engage your services?

Do you offer one on one tutorials?


I take all the photos, The Photo Shed is my business.   The experience with CV19 earlier this year has changed so many and for me I decided to reconnect with a creative passion.  

The photographs are processed from a RAW image, there are no manipulations or additions such as changing the sky or adding people or removing buildings.

My images are very true to form and I prefer to have a pure image.  That of course is not to diminish what some creative photographers are doing in photoshop or other applications however for me at this stage in my business and career purity is key. 

I use a Canon EOS 200D II and I take all images as a RAW file

Preferring Street style photography and feel that combining the genres of street and portraiture works well and adds a little something different to the feel of an image.  

I like landscapes and action shots too, such as skateboarders or surfers, any sporting moment that can be captured within 1000th of a second is to me a marvel. 

Yes absolutely.  I work on an hourly rate or an event rate, both differ and depending on the event and the outcomes your business wishes to achieve.  I can do straight portrait photos however my preference is to be more creative, an example would be to place you next to your favourite street art painting or favourite building and take the photos from there. 


Brilliant.  The images I take are in essence capturing human connection, the feel of an image holds importance to me and being able to convey this. 

It's really very simple, on the home page are my contact details.  Social media messaging on either Instagram or Facebook is another way to get in touch, whilst there check out some of my latest posts. 

Yes, get in touch and let's talk. 


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